Who We Are

Nelson Hinkley and John Mathews, Owners:

Nelson Hinkley and John Mathews each put in many years with a large New-car and Truck dealership.  Both are also very active in community functions and a host of local charities.  Some of these charities include: United Way of Sussex County, Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice and founders of the Sussex County Scholar Athlete Program.  The Deacon Sisters Liver Fund was formed by Mathews to provide financial relief for two young girls suffering from diseased livers and still helps young children with medical problems today. Over the years, they've become well known and well respected in their communities for their participation in these activities.  It was that reputation that gave Nelson the confidence to establish his own business.

Nelson was the Used-Car Manager and Vice President at Condit Ford in Newton for many years before becoming general manager at Magarino Ford in Sussex.  He established Hinkley Auto Sales in 2000 in a small building on Route 23 in Wantage.  After two years there, he felt the business had grown too large for him to handle by himself.  It was then he decided to contact his old friend and former co-worker and offer him a partnership.  John was the Executive Vice President and General Manager at Condit Ford and had been in the business for 37 years prior to retiring.  Retirement didn't last long, however.  "I was working in my garden when I got the call," said John.

Hinkley Auto Sales moved to their current location in Montague on March 10, 2003.  "We try to provide a nice assortment of cars at a range of prices," says Nelson.  "We pride ourselves on carrying the same quality of cars that new-car dealers do, but we can sell for less because we don't have the overhead they do.  When people come here, they find there aren't a lot of decision makers they have to go through to strike a deal. Most of the time, they find they're dealing directly with the owner."

Patrick Drew, Business Manager/Internet Manager:

Patrick works out of the Montague store. He works hard to assure that your entire car purchase goes smoothly.  He will be the one to process all the paperwork and help you with your purchase if the sales person is busy. If you see a car specific to your needs on the internet be sure to call Patrick. He will be there to help!

Dale Card, Bookkeeper:

Dale started working for new car dealerships when she returned to the NJ area, and eventually moved on to a BHPH dealer.  While living in California and Idaho, she worked as a bookkeeper as well as an apprentice electrician, and has been a student sailplane pilot in Sun Valley.  After attending SCCC for a number of years, she earned a degree in Social Services.  Dale started working for us in late January.  If you have any questions concerning your account, she will try her best to help!

Midnight, Top Dog

Midnight is available to sniff out a great deal for you.